At the entrance of Weidete Castle, there are merchants who sit in front of the gates, forming a commercial area for the visitors to Weidete, most of whom are hybrids of the ugly, deformed species that have not been seen in any part of Hellmarsh.

Sidhe looks like a giant spider surrounded by many cobweb like structures.It also has a swamp of oblivion, a large dark red puddle spreading from the center to the periphery. The presence of an old ferryboat may indicate that Sidhe once had enough water to facilitate ferryboats in the past.

Sidhe is known for its ice cold air and frightening snowstorms. This environment allows the vampires and other blood draining monsters to thrive by draining blood from visitors.

Wait... What? You need to rescue the baby Redyan from the dungeons of Hellmarsh first. Only with the help of Rubal and his brave warriors Redyan, Kwaon and Billmade you will be able to confront the mighty Ishina. Gear up !! A3 India has officially released Episode 4 for players.

Requirements: Complete all SQs of Episode 1, 2 and 3.