a Buy these storage boxes from the identifiers in the village. (You cannot craft them)
a Collect these stones that drop when u kill monsters
b When you collect 100 stones, take it to the Armory, (Kaduru or Yarrmo)
Place the box with 100 stones in the combination window of the armory (As shown below).
Click ok. Ensure you have 10,000wz to pay to convert it.
a For every 100 stones you wil get 1 Big special stone (Yellow)
a Buy the big yellow stone box from the identifier
a Place the stones inside the box.
As shown above convert the box with big yellow stones into the red box,
silver box or gold box & open them to recieve the gift.
100 special stones > 1 Big Special Stone
5 Big Special Stones > Red Box
10 Big Special Stones > Silver Box
15 Big Special Stones > Gold Box
Gifts given back by Armory Merchant for collecting the Stones.
Right click on box to open and recieve your gift.
1 - Red Box 2 - Silver Box
(Items better than
the Red box)
3 - Gold Box
(Items better than
the Silver box)