What are MMORPGs?

A Massive(ly) Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game or MMORPG is a multiplayer computer role-playing game that enables thousands of players to play in an evolving virtual world at the same time over the Internet. These games only work with an internet connection and are completely played online

How does it work?
Players run a client (game files installed on their pc) an d connect to Game server (A3). This allows the users to log into a virtual world. The virtual world continues regardless of who is logged in or not. When a player logs in, they are represented in the game world by a graphical representation of the character they play. The players are allowed to shape their own experience by providing multiple (or customizable) characters that the player can use.

Once a player enters the world, they can engage in a variety of activities with other players who are accessing the game the same way from all over the world.

Most MMORPGs run several identical copies of the virtual world, called "shards", "sub-worlds", "continents", "servers" or "realms", that the player can choose from. In the case of A3 we presently have only one server - Redyan

Some of the most popular commercial MMORPGs report over 200,000 subscribers and The South Korean MMORPGs claim the highest subscription numbers by far reporting report millions of registered users.

Most MMORPGs provide support for large in-game groups of players, commonly called clans but also sometimes called "guilds" or other names depending on the game. A clan can be a social group or have a specific game-related purpose, ranging from helping newbies to teaming up in player versus player combat. Most new MMORPGs feature "raids", challenging encounters designed for one or more clans to participate in.

Example of a castle Siege. Groups of people attacking together.

Another example of a castle Siege