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We are proud to present A3, the first ever English version of this highly rated and much anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). A3, based on the eternal power struggle between immortals and humans, has a compelling storyline of love, hatred and revenge that unfolds over several episodes. As you go along and jump into this exciting journey, everyday will hold new meaning as you make your friends online and play and hunt and share your best moments together in real life 3-D environments. A3 is something you have never experienced before with the most amazing and hauntingly beautiful animation and graphics you will ever see!! What's more...the world of A3 will be yours to rule, conquer and control! You decide, you make and you live...A3 ...its the only real space you will ever have that you can truly call your own.

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Facts, Legends and Myths
The Silvadoo….and Hellmarsh…..where it all began..

Within an enormous egg, stands ‘Silvadoo’ the tree upholding the world. On the top three branches of Silvadoo hang the Sun, Star and Moon for each of the six continents upheld by the six branches below. Inside the trunk, nourishing the nine roots flow the ‘Waters of Circulation’, actually delicate web strands spouting from the tail of the black spider inhabiting among the roots of Silvadoo. It is believed that the world tree ‘Silvadoo’ nourishes on the vital energy and records of the history and fate of all living creatures within each string. ‘Airel’ a gigantic bird controlling the weather and season, flies among the skies of the egg, turning its’ cries into thunder, flaps into wind, tears into rain and changes rain into snow by its’ possessed ‘Nin’.

The adventures and battles in A3 take place in the harsh lands of ‘Hellmarsh’ (second continent among the six of Silvadoo) in years 3442 ~ (Helmarsh Calendar).

In the beginning..
Hellmarsh did not always live up to its name. In the ‘Golden Age’ or the ‘Age of Paradise’ (~2983 Helmarsh Calendar) it is said that trees would bear fruit without having to cultivate the land or sow the seeds. Winds would carry the seeds, and rivers would cultivate the lands. Humans, spirits and ancient animals roamed the lands of Hellmarsh and lived in harmony. It was the happy times, when every living being would eat, drink, sing, and live a peaceful and contented life. There was no shadow or darkness, and nothing evil scoured the lands.

Then came the ‘Silver Age’ (2983~3202 Helmarsh Calendar) when a species calling themselves ‘God Beings’ arrived to the lands. They had mysterious powers, and brought upon times of change. The origin of these beings is unknown, but they called themselves Gods and claimed that they had created humans, spirits, ancient animals and the Helmash continent itself, and have come down to reign directly over them. They were the Prime God Rabellu, Fire God Deneru, Water God Furenil, and Wind God Cater (see Mortals and Gods).
In the year 3000 (Helmarsh Calendar) the Gods announced the reign of the “New Order of Rabellu” and warned the world of punishment shall it be violated. Under the new order these Gods began to put restrictions between the various species and races roaming the lands. Before, humans, spirits and animals associated with each other and would often marry each other. This brought rise to the many halflings –

Spirit + Human = Heiren,
Spirit + Ancient Animal = Heishoo,
Ancient Animal + Human = Shooren.
Mixing of breeds occurred even between Heirens, Heishoos, and Shoorens.

The Gods ordained that no more halflings could be born based on the new Order:
From “New Order of Rabellu”, announced in the year 3000 (Hellmarsh Calendar) Article 13: “A member of one race shall not produce offspring with the member of another race, including humans and spirits. Half-breeds shall no longer be tolerated, and existing halflings shall be considered monsters.”

After more than 200 years of tyranny, humans began to rebel against the iron rule of the Goddess Rabellu and thus started a period of war and rebellion which has come to be known as the Iron Age (3201~3221 Hellmarsh Calendar). This war was of a scale that was unprecedented since the creation of the world. The head of the rebel army was the legendary king Rubal, who was supported by his Clan of Legendary Knights. Rubal’s followers included Kwaon, who was his right arm as well as the greatest warrior of Hellmarsh, the mage Radian, who could see more than meets the eye, Billmade, the paladin who could not bear the weight of his tortured soul, and the wise sage Laisherd, who looked over all these valiant men with the warmth of a father (see Mortals and Gods). Their faith in victory and their unbending will enabled them to endure the long and harsh battle that could only be seen as reckless. The faith and will was what gave meaning to the blood that they had shed. To cope with the spreading menace that called itself the rebel army, the Gods created their own Holy Army to defeat Rubal’s army once and for all. The rebels were defeated and the Gods locked up the spirits somewhere in Hellmarsh to prevent further union between the races, and banished the humans to ‘Agonyl’, the land of sorrow and pain.

The Present...
Episode 1: ‘Agonyl- the land of suffering’

Year 3421 (Hellmarsh Calendar): 200 years have passed after the ‘War between humans and Gods’ when humans had been defeated and the souls of the ‘Legendary Knight Clan’ had been sealed deep down in the dark. Mysterious warriors began to appear in the beaches of the Kwanato Sea, where no ship has landed before due to severe storms. These people called themselves the Normans, but they themselves did not know how they got here. All they remembered was that they were on a voyage out to the sea. Natives of Agonyl, descendants of the “Legendary Knight Clan” along with these warriors from the other world rise to strike back against the monsters of ‘Hellmarsh’ to protect their homelands and families. Once again man is on the brink of starting the long and harsh voyage of ‘Challenging the Gods.’

Mortals and Gods
The Legendary King

The temple knights, shining in their golden armor, began to draw their swords. The circle of swords began closing in on the people. The young chief Eserik stood out and began to plead. "Goddess Rabellu, this is about my child and me. Please leave the other townspeople alone…" "No, chief. Rubal is the child of the village. Please my goddess, may the child live." "Ha! You’re your life for your child? How pitiful. Kill them. Kill them all! This is the punishment to the silly humans who would dare break the order of God…" The cold smile of the prime god Rabellu radiated a cold breeze around her. In the bright daylight, shining swords began to hack and slash. If it weren’t for the screams of the falling people, it might have looked like a dance of the light spirits. The silver swords and the golden knights were dyed with the awful red of blood in a short time. The knights closed in on the group of people and slaughtered them. The young woman at the center of the circle hugged the child in her arms, as if to protect him. "Please, my goddess… Have pity on us…"The young mother’s cries made no difference. The sword came down on her.

Rubal was drenched with sweat when he suddenly woke up. He looked around him, as if to find something. It was already night. He had returned to his home after 6 months. Kwaon was sleeping on the rocking chair in the corner of the room. Rubal has been dreaming the same nightmare for almost a week now. He is now afraid to go to sleep, as he can almost see the scene just by closing his eyes. Rubal clenched his fist, and blood began to flow from it. "I’ll kill you all. Just as you have done to me…"

* Year 3198 Helmash Calendar. 19-year old Rubal had disappeared while on a training journey in Bemerden. After returning to his home after 6 months, he vows revenge on the Gods.

Rubal was a Heiren (half-breed of a spirit and human) – a halfling born between Syllia, the spirit of wind, and Eserik III, the Eserik chief of Heisend. His family and townspeople were slaughtered because he was a Heiren forbidden by the New Order of Rabellu. He was the only survivor who survived thanks to the help of Laisherd-the wise sage, a friend of his mother’s, and Cater, the God of Compassion. Laisherd fled with Rubal to Agonyl and entrusted him to the Wolfrech family where Rubal met Kwaon and befriended him. Rubal spent his youth in Agonyl till the age of 19, when by accident he recovered his memory of the past, and in order to wreak revenge on the Gods, he began to soak the continent of Hellmarsh with blood.
Rubal was a man of courage, challenging the absolute power of the Gods – the murderers responsible for the death of his family. He had the courage to challenge fate itself was indeed a legendary king. His mastery in blades was only second to Kwaon who is the best blademaster in the continent of Hellmarsh. However, as he went through many battles, his need for revenge began to merge with ambition and he began to crave for power; his character became stained and dark.

First Knight of the Legendary Knights

Kwaon was a natural warrior born in the warrior land of Agonyl, coming from the Wolfrech family of warriors. His long and harsh journey began when he met Rubal, a small boy who looked up to him with beautiful eyes, holding the hand of the old sage, Laisherd. In the ranks of Rubal’s army, he was Rubal’s right arm, and the first knight of the legendary knights. He was also the commander of the first calvary in Rubal’s rebel army.
Although quiet in nature, he was kind and warm to those he knew. He was a truly honorable man who valued friendship, trust and honor above all. As the best of an old family of warriors, his skills with the blade were the best in Hellmarsh. He learned the way of the sword before he even began learning to walk. His blade was an army in itself and played an important role in the battle each time. When he was young, he looked after Rubal as if he was his real brother, and as an adult, he pledged loyalty to the Rubal and gave him all his trust.

The Most Powerful Mage in Hellmarsh

The night was cold. Redyan was crouched in a corner, shivering with cold. She was confused. Never in her life had she done anything wrong, yet the children mocked her and call her the ‘cursed child.’ Her face was a mix of tears and the blood from her forehead. Her forehead was a mess from the stones that the children had thrown at her. Redyan managed to finally cry herself to sleep, but woke up suddenly on hearing the noise .It was the town children she had been running from all day. Redyan was overcome with hurt and pain and she thought “I hate you all. I hate this town, everything around me. I wish they would all disappear. Everything…!” At that moment, Redyan passed out, and a fiery red aura burst from her body. The children were surprised, and backed off. The aura grew bigger, and engulfed Redyan’s body. Then, something began to fall from the sky. They were fiery meteors. Each time a meteor struck the ground, the area lit up with fire. The living fire began to spread and swept away all living things and the town in its wake.

* Year 3184 Hellmarsh Calendar 5-year old Redyan emits unknown magic while being bullied by the town children. Leaving the Sivab of Hatrel in ashes, she was banished from the town forever.

“That child … …?” "Yes, my master. She cannot see. The young one was living in the forests by herself." Billmade looked at the little girl who was examining the flowers that were on the flower bed of the Great Wizard Lardsbid’s house. "She saved my life, and I don’t want to leave her alone in the dangerous forest… So, I would like to ask you a favor, sir… I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but that girl can distinguish herbs even though she cannot see. If that ability could be any help… No, even if she isn’t of any help to you, she will be able to run some errands for you. I’m sorry, but I cannot take her around…" Lardsbid kept watching the little girl’s movements without saying a word. "Sir… I am always asking favors of you…" "No, not at all. This isn’t a favor at all.

You’ve just introduced a good friend for a lonely old man. Ho ho. So, how long are you going to keep living like this?" Billmade drank the tea that was in front of him in one gulp and stood up. A bitter smile flashed on his face. He wished that he could have just died there. Only if that girl hadn’t saved him… "I should be leaving now. Hey, little girl… Listen to this old man well, OK?" The girl approached Billmade without any sign of groping. Billmade kneeled down to the girl’s eye level. The girl spoke nothing, just as she had when they had first met. “I must go now. The place I’m going is too far, and the way is too dangerous, and I cannot take you with me. Your name… It was Redyan right? I’ll see you again, Redyan! "

* Year 3194 Helmarsh Calendar. Hatrel. Great Wizard Lardsbid, a friend of Billmade’s father gives shelter to the blind girl Redyan on the request from Billmade.

Redyan was from the mysterious land of Hatrel, a land surrounded by magic. In her mother’s womb, she was deemed as the ‘cursed child” who will not only kill her own mother but tens of thousands of people’ by Deneroo, the area god of Hatrel. Faithful to the prophecy, her mother died giving birth to her, and Redyan grew as the child of her aunt. One day, as she was teased by the town children because of her blindness, her anger burst out as a fiery blaze. The whole town burned down due to the powerful blaze, and she was banished from the town. While hiding in the forests and living in pity, she became an apprentice to the grand mage, Lardsbid, thanks to the help of Billmade.

Although the most powerful mage in Hellmarsh, she barely smiled. People said this was because of her unhappy childhood. She was a lady of few words, but when she spoke, she spoke with the inner voice of the hearer. Because she was blind, her other senses were very keen, and she had developed the ability to read what she could not see. As the holder of the eye that could see every natural and unnatural movement, she lived for only one purpose. She had put everything on the line for that reason. Even her life…

The Fastest Blade

Billmade came from a family of temple knights. He was the second son of Cid, the knight temple of Heysend. All of Billmade’s brothers dreamt of becoming a temple knight, but he did not value such things. At least not until the day he saw the primary god Rabellu at the commissioning of his brother. He fell in love with Rabellu at first glance and applied to become a temple knight as well and was soon commissioned with honors. Before his commission, Rabellu had promised her undying love but on the day of his commission he realized that this was all a lie and was all a cruel trick played on him by Rabellu and the Rain God Puleinyl. Feeling betrayed and hurt, he left to wander the lands. During his journey, he met and joined Rubal’s legendary knights, who were preparing to wage war on the Gods and seek their revenge.
Billmade was an unbiased man and his judgment on people and their character was unfailing. His speed with the sword surpassed even that of the first knight Kwaon. It was easy to be fooled by his looks and lighthearted behavior. However, in battle, one realized why he was notorious as “Kill Bill”. His sword was deadly and true, and as lethal as the venom of a viper.