1.Where is the tower?
The tower can be entered through a portal which will appear
in both the town centres ( Quanato & Temoz ).
The portal will be open only for 10 Minutes when it appears.
Date and time will be announced in the Event page.

2. Who can enter the tower?
Any player above level 30 can enter the tower using the portal.

3. Do I enter a different tower based on my level?
Yes, Based on your level there are six different towers
that you will enter automatically. All towers will have 13 floors.
The monsters will differ in the towers based on your level.

4. Can I make a party inside the tower?
No, You will not be able to make party with another player inside the tower.
In fact all players will appear the same, you will not be able to differentiate
even town members. PK is enabled in the tower. Wiping out competition to grab
a bigger piece of the treasure is perfectly acceptable.

5. What do I need to survive in the tower?
There are two conditions that has to be met in order to move up the tower.

i) Monsters at each floor will drop keys.
You need to pick a key for yourself at each floor.

ii) All the monsters in the floor has to be killed to move to the next floor.
Else all the players will be kicked out of the tower.

6. What do I get?
The big treasure room on top will be every warriors dream.
On top of it the drop rate inside the tower is higher and
the monsters have higher chance of dropping their rarer items.