Embrace the spirit of Halloween, when the seasons change and the world of the magickal
collides with the physical. Warriors, find yourself in a transitional liminal time, where
mystical finds no distinction with real and where wonderful things can be discovered.

Hunt for and collect as many pumpkins as possible. Claim rewards on the special day!
Trick or Treat?

Halloween Event FAQ’s

1) How do I get “Pumpkins”?
You need to kill the character “Hallowman”, as he dies he will drop few Pumpkins.

2) Where can I find “Hallowman”?
Check the In-Game public shout given by “Hallowman”. He will let you know the maps
(There is no specific map).

3) When can I get the Public Shout?
Hallowman will be online any time from 22nd October to 26th October 2007.
So you can expect the public shout from him, any time during mentioned days.

4) How do I store the Pumpkins?
You can collect pumpkins in normal storage boxes (100 Pumpkins per storage box)

5) There are any level restrictions?
No, there is no level restriction.

6) What will be my rewards?

Reward Quantity Required Quantity Available
Silbadu’s Soul
Grace of Silbadu x 1
Sarghis x 1
Grade 8 Unique Weapon x 1
Grade 7 Item x 1
Small Juego x 10
Neriydar (G) x 5
Odal(10) x 5
Ing(9) x 10
Small Master Stone x 30
Upgrade Jewel x 10
Hp Candy x 3
Mp Candy x 3
Experience Book x 20
1000 Pumpkins
600 Pumpkins
500 Pumpkins
750 Pumpkins
400 Pumpkins
200 Pumpkins
300 Pumpkins
450 Pumpkins
375 Pumpkins
275 Pumpkins
150 Pumpkins
250 Pumpkins
350 Pumpkins
325 Pumpkins
50 Pumpkins
1 x 2
1 x 2
1 x 4
1 x 5
1 x 10
10 x 10
5 x 10
5 x 20
10 x 20
20 x 30
10 x 20
3 x 10
3 x 10
20 x 50

7) How do I get my rewards?

Collect as many pumpkins as you can and meet the character Hallowman on
28th October 2007 between 5pm to 6pm. You can find him at Temoz center, deal him
and give the storage box that contains pumpkins. You will be rewarded as shown above.

8) When can I collect my Rewards?
You can collect your rewards on 31st October 2007.