The goddess Rebellu is yet again troubled by the growth of Hellmarsh. She likes to fill
the rivers of hellmarsh, red with the blood of it’s inhabitants! She has already sent a huge
army to do her bidding. Our friends have informed us that the army of Rebellu will launch
their attack on Sunday 18th November 2007. Considering the size of the attacking force
and the monsters that command the army, it is clear that she wants to wipe out a large
number of the Hellmarsh people and stop the growth of Temoz and Quanato.Although there
are a few brave fighters who can bring down their captains, their numbers are huge and only
the combined strength of both the towns can save the day. Will you be the one to fight
alongside your tribe against the Goddess’s Army?

Event Announcement

Time 10 AM (IST)
Map Check the in game announcement on 18th Nov 2007.

{Important Note Players will loose experience points if they Die getting killed by
monster or players. Item drop rate due to die will be the same. GM’s will not take any
responsibility for Item or Exp loss.