Lines have been drawn and the battles have come.
There is no denying the race for power now.
Terms and Condition

1. Only 4 Players per team.
2. A Team to be formed with Warrior (1) Mage (1) Holy Knight (1) and Archer (1).
3. Any 1 players must take responsibility of Leading the team (Team Leader)
4. A Team can be formed by combination of both the towns (Temoz & Quanato).
5. Total level limit per team must not exceed 600 at the time of registration.
6. Players can level up their characters after registration.
7. No player can represent more than one Team. If found, the character will be
disqualified from the tournament.
8. Unique Weapons are not allowed at the time of battle.
9. If any member of the team is found using Unique Weapon at the time of battle,
it will end in Disqualification of the Team.
10. A Team registered once cannot be changed.
11. Team which fails to report at the time allotted will be disqualified without any
12. Disruption of gameplay due to Power Cut / Disconnection / System Failure will
not be taken into account for a re-match.
13. The GM can consider having a Re-Match for the above-mentioned reasons
depending on the situation.
14. Violation of Terms and Condition/Abusing GM's or Guides/Arguing with GM's or
Guides will be penalized.
15. GM decision will be Final.
16. All cases are subject to Chennai Jurisdiction Only.

Registration Process

1. Registration Date - 5th January 2008 to 14th January 2008.
2. Players who takes responsibility of leading the team must send a mail to
3. Mail should contain the following details
a) Team Leader Name -
b) Team Members Name's & Level -
c) Team belongs to - Temoz / Quanato or Both

Battle Date:

19 and 20 January 2008.

Rewards - {Only level 30 plus characters are eligible for rewards.}

1st Place - Grace of Silbadu for each member
2nd Place - Sarghis for each member
3rd Place - 10 Mill woonz for each member
4th Place - 5 Mill woonz for each member