Recent attacks by the undead ranks on human settlements were thwarted with great ease. The capture of hatrel has led to the finding of a hidden castle of Deneherr, which
is home to a huge settlement of Krailj, faithful warriors
under sword master Mencenjstri. Following this there
has been many stand-offs between our brave warriors
and the bloodthirsty swordsmen of Deneherr. Alarmed
their leader Blackleader is planning a huge attack on
human settlements. Our scouts report this
backlash to surface on 24th January 2009.
We call upon all brave soldiers of hellmarsh to
pad up and stand together against this uprising.
All the willing hearts are requested to come to the
Temoz waterfall by 3.00 PM.

Player who kills the leader (Blackleader) and
collect his “Black Heart” will be rewarded.

Special reward: -
Level 1 – (Level Limit “Level 30-80”)
Level 2 – (Level Limit “Level 81-119”)
Level 3 – (Level Limit “Level 120 – 149”)
Level 4 – (Level Limit “Level 150+”)

Rewards – Weapons (Rare Grade/Level),
Sarghis, Treasure of Destructions, Treasure Boxes
and more!!!

All other bravehearts who stand through the storm
will be rewarded.

Lets join hands and thwart this blatant attack with our unity and faith.

[ NOTE – Check in game announcement for maps where our enemies will spawn ]