Life in the towns of Agonyl has begun to see a brighter side. Besides the usual small quarrels among the people, there is a certain level of calm and peace. The monsters outside of the towns are in control and seem to be reducing.

The God of Fire Deneru is unhappy with the happenings. We came across something that gives us reason to believe that he may have some plan. During a recent scout near the Entrance to Rangdel in Elkenver, we noticed something weird with the lava pit surrounding it. Further investigations showed that a huge breed of monsters are being gathered deep underneath. .

These monsters would have a clear passage to Quanato through Elkenver. Some have started to surface already. We must stop them before they reach the towns

Fight along with us . But be warned! These monsters are of different types. The weaker ones lead the group followed by the stronger ones.

We will meet at Quanato and then move as group to Elkenver. Remember, do this for your people, for yourself and for what you believe.

Date: 11th Dec 2005
Time: 2.30pm IST

Meeting Point:
Quanato near Sioo
(Arena Manager)
(See map)