Here are the list of Winners for The Real Stars Event conducted on 8th and 9th October 2011.
Category Team Name Member 1 Member 2 Rewards
Level 151-160 Madkillers Madmanisback Madmage 1 Grace of Shilbadu, 10 Small Juego, 10 Large Juego, 10 Saving Scroll
Level 141-150 Deatheaters Gamesgirl Rasthedon Grade 10 Level 10 Weapon + 10 Small Juego + 10 Large Juego + 10 Saving Scroll
Level 121-130 Dream Shir Roseroja Level 10 Grade 9 Weapon, Any Shue to Level 100
Level 111-120 Metallica Avenged Bicanibabe Grade 8 Unique Weapon
Level 91-110 Dotastar Barathurm Gochid Level 10 Grade 8 Wepon for each
Level 131-140 Slaughter Anibal Devildead Level 10 Full Grade 9 Set with Weapon
Level 161-165 Crusaders Maverickxxx Orattor 1 Decision to Being Upgraded, 1 Decision to Being Extreme
All the winners are requested to be online on Monday 31st October 2011 at 6:00 PM to receive the rewards from Gmstorm. If you fail to be online, please contact the Ingame Guide and receive the rewards.

Please note that Gift will be given only to either of the Members and it is the responsibility of the players to share them with your Team Mates. We will not be accepting any complains about non complaince of your Teammate.

A3 India Team.