Have you got what it takes to be the Choson One? Here is your chance. Show off what you got and get rewarded!

How to Score
  1. Collect all the Player killing Screenshots that you have with your Character.
  2. Open the Screenshots with MS Paint and save it as JPEG
  3. Create a New Forum Topic in Showoff / Screenshots Section with your Character Name
  4. Post the Screenshots as an Attachment
  5. Wait for a GM to validate the Screenshots and award you the score for each.
How to not let others Score
  • Keep checking the Forum and the Screenshots posted by others
  • If your Character is included in any of their screenshots and if it is validated by the GM, you could have their score reduced if you have a counter-screenshot of your Character killing the other Character.
Level Limit
  • Only for Levels 161-165
  • +1 Point for posting a valid Screenshot
  • -1 Point for posting a valid against the Character
  • Player A creates a Topic with Screenshots of Player B, Player C and Player D.
  • Player B creates a Topic with Screenshots of Player A, Player E and Player F
  • Now Player B goes to Player A\'s topic and since his Screenshot was posted, He posts the Screenshot of B killing A (that he has already posted in his Topic) in the Topic of Player A. In this case, Player A would loose -1 Point, making the Screenshot of Player B useless in his Topic.
  • The same could be done by Player A with Player B
Where to Post Screenshot Validity / Event Duration
  • You have to post screenshots not older than 1st January 2012 strictly.
  • The last date for event is 31st October 2012
  • You may keep posting new screenshots at any time during the event. They will add up to your score after GM verification.
Rules / Regulations - IMPORTANT!
  1. You may create only one Forum Topic for your Character. If you are having additional screenshots, please make a new Post in the Same Topic ONLY.
  2. The Forum Topic should be created with your Ingame Account only. The Forum Account should bear your Character Name. Each and every post should be made from the Game Account pertaining to the Character.
  3. There should be no posts in the Topic except for Screenshots. No Flamming or Questions accepted. Please post in Discussion Topic.
  4. You are not allowed to edit a post once you have Submitted. If there are any changes required, Please notify Gmstorm.
  5. Each screenshot would be manually verified by the GM and then the Screenshot will be marked and the scores will be updated in the Discussion Topic accordingly.
  6. Please dont spam under any circumstances. Spammers will be banned from the Forum
  7. Event is only for Auras. Both the Characters involved in the Screenshot should be Aura Levels irrespective of the current levels.
  8. Screeshots of Player Killing pertaining to maps like Nevia Canyon, Wolfreck where Player Killing restrictions (Parole, EXP Loss) wont apply will not be considered. In other words, your Character should be the last one to hit the character that has died, or your Character Name should reflect the PvP-System.
  9. Player Killing Screenshots during Events will not be considered.
  10. The Screenshots should be from A3 India only. We will cross check each screenshot with respect to the Date, Time, Character Name, PKed Character, Map, Location etc. If we find any faked entries, we will disqualify the Character from the Event.
  11. For fair play basis, the screenshots should include a Temoz Player killing Quanato Player or vise versa at the time the screenshot was taken. If both the Characters are from the same town, the Screenshot will not be considered.
  12. You may post a Maximum of 5 screenshots of the same character at different circumstances. You may post more screenshots only if the other Character has posted counter-screenshots of your Character getting killed in your Topic and the GM has marked the Screenshots as verified.
  13. Whenever you make a post, a GM will post a reply clearly stating what action has been taken and what is the status of the verification of each screenshot. If a screenshot is rejected, the clear reason will be mentioned.
  14. Reverse Cure killing or simultaneous kills will not be considered
  15. All the Screenshots should be uploaded in the JPEG Format only. Any screenshots that are in different formats will not be considered.
  16. Screenshots should be added as an Attachment to the Forum and not as an external link. All the external links will be deleted.
  17. The Screenshots should not be modified in any way except for blurring out the HP / MP Pots, Chats, Shue Level and the Skill Tab. Screenshots with any modification to the actual Game area other than the GUI will not be considered.
  18. The Map and the Coordinates should be clearly visible at all circumstances.
  19. Screenshots of PvP-System are not allowed. You should post a Real-Time screenshot involving the Map, the Location, your Character and the Opponents Character.
  20. Gm Decision upon the verification of the Screenshots would be final.
  21. The highest scorer at the end of 31st October 2012 will be given the Reward.
  22. If you have any questions or if you need to report anything, please post in the Discussion topic along with the Character Name and the details about the report. A Gamemaster will review your report and do the required.
  23. Any post that is found to violate the above Rules will be deleted without warning.
  • Silbadu\'s soul X 1 for highest Scorer.

The rules and regulations of the events are subject to change based on several reasons. We will inform you of such changes well at hand, if any. We expect the players cooperating in this regard and help us make this event successful.

If you are having any issues with your Forum Account, please send a mail to support@a3-india.com.