Rules and Regulations

  1. This will be a pair PVP.
  2. Players need to register their pair through the Game Community Forum.
  3. The pairs can be
    • Warrior and Mage
    • Warrior and Archer
    • Holy knight and Mage
    • Holy knight and Archer
  4. A player can register only once.
  5. You cannot change pair once registered.
  6. Multiple pair will be rejected and will be penalized.
  7. The pair (team) should stick within their level limit only (Refer Sec.12)
  8. Both the players of a pair must register
  9. Player can choose team name (Not a Knighthood Name).
  10. Dex Unique Weapons are not allowed during PvP
  11. Players account will be penalized if found they share the item during event. (Penalty – Item removal from Inventory and/or Storage)
  12. Level Break Up
    • Level 100-120
    • Level 121-140
    • Level 141-160
  13. Registration will be accepted only if players make a post in the Forum with their Game Accounts.
  14. GM decisions are final.

Registration Process

Players need to make a post in this topic with the following details.
  1. Your Character Name & Level –
  2. Your Pair Character Name & Level –
  3. Your Pair (Team) Name –
  4. Your Class – (Warrior / Hk / Mage / Archer)
  5. Your Pair Class - (Warrior / Hk / Mage / Archer)
[Registration will be confirmed only after receiving request from both the members of a team]

Registration Date: 2nd June 2013 to 7th June 2013
PvP Date: 8th June 2013

Reward: Power Leveling Recharge valid for 1 Month.
All Rewards Are Only For Winners!