For years now, brave warriors have been forming Knighthoods in the towns of Quanato and Temoz. However, the citizens of the these towns desire a strong leadership.

It is time for these various factions to battle it out for supremacy. These events will lead to the creation of the Thol, or the supreme Knighthood. This Knighthood challenge will pit the various knighthoods in battle to decide the rulers of Temoz and Quanato. The ruling knighthoods of Temoz and Quanato. But before the knighthoods reclaim their leaders, the towns are getting ready to chose their own leader. Let's join together to evidence the leader with best qualities of a warrior. He is the one who will decide who makes a better warrior of his clan. Players of Level 160 and below start registering in our website for the event "Fight for the Crown" which will be a 1 vs 1 PvP between players of same class. The one who stands till the end will reclaim his reward and a Holy Grail to make his own Knighthood. The qualifying Knighthoods shall participate in the Knighthood War which will be scheduled later.

1. Players need to register through the Game Community Forum.
2. A player can register only once.
3. Each player can play a character only once and since it is a knockout, players who lose shall not be allowed to play again.
4. Dex Unique Weapons are not allowed during PvP.
5. Players account will be penalized if found they share the item during event. (Penalty – Item removal from Inventory and/or Storage)
6. Registration will be accepted only if players make a post in the Forum with their Game Accounts.
7. GM decisions are final.

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