Have you got what it takes to be the best? Battle out your opponents in a knockout fight in the arena and prove your worth.

Rules and Regulations
  • Character should be Aura 5
  • PvP Matches will be held in a knockout fashion. Any player who looses a match will be eliminated.
  • If none of the players die before the timer ends, the winner is decided by the Arena.
  • There will not be a rematch for eliminations which are caused due to disconnections.
  • GM decision is final in all regards. Anyone found arguing with the Gamemasters will be chat banned.
  • Dexterity based Unique weapons are not allowed. **
  • Borrowing of items from other characters during the event is not allowed.

  • 1 month A3 India Recharge pin
  • 500 Million Woonz.

How to Participate

Send a Private Message (5K) to Eventgm to register your character for the PvP. You are required to send a Private Message from the character that you wish to register. Upon successful confirmation, you will receive a reply from the Eventgm. Don't send more than 1 private message or your registration will not be considered.

Event Timings

Event will be conducted on Independence Day (15th August 2016). Registrations will close at 5:30PM and matches will start from 6:00PM. You are required to stay online and wait for your match announcement from the Eventgm. Any late comers will be disqualified.

** If you are unsure if your unique weapon is dexterity based, you could contact Guidefury online for assistance.