The Queen of Toscique "Ranias" has sent the forces of Toscique to attack the towns of Temoz and Quanato. This must be prevented at all costs! A raid on these towns will crush the rebellion against Rabellu. Join Geramo to stop the forces before they reach the towns.

Geramo has devised a plan on how to tackle the forces.

  • Wave 1 - Level 50 to 100 players will gather near Sioo(Arena Manager for Quanato) and will head out to Elkenver. These players will defend the forces in Elkenver to prevent the monsters from entering the towns.
  • Wave 2 - Level 101 to 150 players will gather near the Temple of Kartherr (Top Left of Vermeden) upon Geramo's Command. These players will guard the temple in order to prevent the forces from entering into Egonihl from Hatrel.
  • Wave 3 - The Strongest Warriors will march towards Denenherr and stop the forces of Toscique once and for all!

The Tocsique Army is expected to reach Hellmarsh on 14th May.

Attack Time - 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM

Players are requested to login before the event starts and buy Saving Scrolls.
GM's wont be responsible for any items or experience lost during this event.
Please watch out for the announcements for event related information.