During the attack of Blackleader's Castle, Geramo has secretly captured one of his attendants and interrogated him. Upon interrogation, he came across the fact that Blackleader has left treasure's all over the world in case he was defeated. Geramo has managed to collect the chests containing the weapons, however he was not able to find the keys which opened them. Geramo has come to the towns once again, asking the wise warriors to decode the riddles and find the keys in order to claim these weapons.

  1. An oasis surrounded by a great battleground whose silken sand is stained by blood of warriors.
  2. A scenic beauty which stands untreated from the rebellion against Rabellu. This region has strange green colored pond which turns the surrounding monsters green.
  3. A forest which is always bright however is a harbinger of frost and has caves which are surrounded by large mushrooms.
  4. A place often regarded as a stone forest in the local language where the rocks are covered by ashes from when it was previously a forest.
  5. Home to broken old settlements and a supposed gateway to a gambling den. This region is where both lava and water meet in Hellmarsh.
  6. In the whole world, there is only one place which is deemed by all as the Land of Paradise. It is said that adventurers came to this great land using a boat.

You can claim the weapon based on the number of keys you collect.

3 Keys - Grade 10 Level 1 Weapon of Choice

2 Keys - Grade 9 Level 1 Weapon of Choice

1 Keys - Grade 8 Level 1 Weapon of Choice

Event Info/Rules

  • There will be an announcement with the corresponding number of the secret riddle and the players will have to find the key by decoding the riddle. You will be allotted 10 minutes to solve the riddle and find the key. The riddles correspond to a place in A3 which is accessible directly to the players.
  • Once you are able to find and pick they key, keep it with you safely till the end of the event for further instructions.
  • During the course of the event, the mage skill Sedementare will be disabled. Players are advised not to perform hunting or special quests which would need the skill to work.
  • This event is meant for individual players and not for Parties or Knighthoods.
  • Rewards obtained from the event cannot be traded or sold at any circumstances.
  • Default map access restrictions would apply.

Event Timings - 6:00 P.M to 8:00 P.M June 18, 2017.