The following are the answers to the recently conducted "Blackleader's Lost Treasure" :

Riddle 1: An oasis surrounded by a great battleground whose silken sand is stained by blood of warriors.

Answer : There are only two maps in A3 which have sands stained with the blood of warriors which are Carode and Folkvanger. Out of which only Folkvanger has an Oasis.
Coordinates for the Key - X: 125 y: 109

Riddle 2: A scenic beauty which stands unthreatened from the rebellion against Rabellu. This region has strange green colored pond which turns the surrounding monsters green.

Answer : In the war waged aginst the Rogue God Rabellu, only the continent of Heijend stands unthreatened from the rage of Rabellu. This contient contains the Clororence and its respective maps. There is only one map which is Bughye which has a green magical pond which is the cause of the bug based monsters present.
Coordinates for the Key - X: 125 y: 126

Riddle 3: A forest which is always bright however is a harbinger of frost and has caves which are surrounded by large mushrooms.

Answer : Hatrel is the home to many mystical maps however only one map is a forest which has sunlight. This contradicting nature of the forest is not completly explained, however most the residents consider it to be the work of Rabellu.
Coordinates for the Key - X: 64 y: 9

Riddle 4: A place often regarded as a stone forest in the local language where the rocks are covered by ashes from when it was previously a forest.

Answer : Taoudruimos translates into Stone Forest in the Language spoken in Hellmarsh. This region is called a forest due to large amounts of stone present.
Coordinates for the Key - X: 99 y: 135

Riddle 5: Home to broken old settlements and a supposed gateway to a gambling den. This region is where both lava and water meet in Hellmarsh.

Answer : There is only one place for gambling which is Pluchir. Its entrance can only be found in Vermeden. Fairmode and Vermeden are the boundaries which separate the towns of Temoz and Quanato, hence are the meeting point for the Lava from the Rabat Mountain and Water from the Skel River which flows through Quanato.
Coordinates for the Key - X: 236 y: 137

Riddle 6: In the whole world, there is only one place which is deemed by all as the Land of Paradise. It is said that adventurers came to this great land using a boat.

Answer : Clororence is known by many as the Land of Paradise as it allowed human refugees has all the facilities which are nessesary for survival. Adventurers cane to Clororence in a Boat from Denenherr which now is a passage between the continents of Heijend and Hatrel.
Coordinates for the Key - X: 151 y: 21


Congratulations to VemonSpirit who claimed Pathos and Rhimitta.

Congratulations to Vivisinist who claimed Freki Staff.