The Imprisoned Souls battle has been a great show of skill and willpower, there were many close fights but these players manage to beat the competition with their determination!

161 - 164 Level Category

165 Level Category

Congratulations to these players for beating their opponents and winning a Grade 9 Unique Weapon.

If you are the winning player, please send a mail to with your Character Name, Account ID and the Name of the Grade 9 Unique of your class that you wish to receive. Please click here for more information about Grade 9 Uniques.

Trading, Selling or Transferring the weapon to any other character even in the same account will cause the Imprisoned soul in the weapon to release, thereby destroying it. A destroyed weapon cannot be restored by the Support or the GMs.

Geramo heartly congratulates all the winners and thanks all of Hellmarsh for participation. More events are yet to come.