The town surrounding a Castle, composed of spider webs and silvery roots, whose surrounding is littered with blood red puddles which seem to be never ending. Sidhe seems like a desolate land where no human wants to set their foot, is a thriving place for Hybrids which are treated as outcasts by the Gods and Humans. Sidhe is said to be the safest place for hiding from the gods like Rabellu.

The following are the Players who are going to travel to Sidhe!

From the Imprisoned Souls Event the Players are

  • Nixo - 161 - 164 Level Category
  • Mrjohn - 161 - 164 Level Category
  • Qeenrose - 161 - 164 Level Category
  • Lookingmage - 165 Level Category
  • Pofraven - 165 Level Category
  • Supremebeign - 165 Level Category

From the Duels - Non Aura Event the Players are

  • Kirafuda - Mage Category
  • Xoaid - Holy Knight Category

From the Duels - Aura Event the Players are

  • Aswinu - Warrior Category
  • Ishkrish - Holy Knight Category
  • Violaa - Archer Category
  • Annabelle - Mage Category

The journey will begin at 6:00PM IST on 26th November. All selected players are required to assemble at Marishi in Clororence at the specified time without fail. Any absent players will be prevented from participating in any future events involving Sidhe.