The ill-fated travel to Sidhe has taken a huge toll on all of Hellmarsh. Geramo's soul has been captured by the evil Thrymgjor which has been summoned by Rubellu to put an end to Geramo's expedition along with other brave heroes.

Defeating Thrymgjor and advancing to Sidhe has become an increasingly difficult task now that Geramo is no longer with us. The Hellmarsh prophecy states that Unity is the ultimate Strength which could overcome any force with unholy powers and this is the reason why Gmkarr has volunteered to help train new and weaker heroes to plan a large scale seize on Thrymgjor.

The training sessions will start at 18:00 hrs and will end at 20:00 hrs and characters below level 100 could participate. Stand a chance to win weapons to make your character stronger!