Beware of Kraigon’s dark spirit!

During this time:
1. Level 11 and above will be affected.
2. No penality for killing others
3. No experience loss when you die, but you can drop an item (5 to 10% chance).
4. He randomly appears - 2 hours per day.

How to prevent being killed by murderers:
Level and become stronger. Attack murderers(other players killing you) as a group of people. (Party or Knighthood)

How do you know when the spirit appears:
Kraigon will announce his presence. Stay aware of the other players as they may cause you harm.

Please note: Your parole points will show zero when the spirit appears. When it goes away, your original parole points will re-appear. (Parole points can be seen in the character info window.)

Kill & attack the spirit to cure the land of this terrible curse.(Spirit will have the name Kraigon - Press Alt to show the name of characters in your screen.)