With the capture of Geramo's soul by Thrymgjor, the revolt against the evil goddess Rubellu has come to a halt. As the Search for Geramo continues, our mages have learnt that the evil forces of Rubellu are getting even more stronger and on the day of the Search for Geramo, Rubellu could summon the Ranias along with Thrymgjor defending it's base, there by making it nearly impossible for the mortals to penetrate Thrymgjor lair and freeing Geramo's soul.

Inorder to be one step ahead of Rubellu's plan, we will have to join forces to slain Ranias as soon as possible. Karterr, the dark god of mercy has bestowed the power of invincibility to 6 brave men and woman inorder aid them in slaying Ranias.

6 players will be selected by the EventGM on the basis of in-game tasks. Watch out for announcements. Event will start at 6:00 PM IST on 11th February 2018.