The unsung heroes of the Temoz and the Quanato fight for glory in Arenas and Battlegrounds. Their deeds needs to be immortalized now... as long as they keep the crowds cheering and their victory streaks going. Gear up for the SUPER 7 Town Faction Event scheduled on 8th April 2018 where 7 bravehearts of each town will write a history to be foretold in the years to come.

Super 7 Rules
  1. Only Aura 5 Players are eligible for this Event
  2. The group of 7 people must contain at least one player from each class with the maximum being 2.
  3. There can only be one Holy Knight in each group.
  4. No Dex Weapons are allowed for this Event and the use of one will disqualify the whole group.
  5. If a player disconnects, then the group must finish the match without them.
  6. If the group leader is not present during the start of the match, then the whole group is disqualified

Registrations close sharply by 1600 hrs IST on 8th April 2018. Registrations can only be posted by the Group Leader. Register you group by clicking here