Event Closed - 05 Jan 2006
Wish you all the very best.

Celebrate this festive season with us in A3. Dont miss the snow in the towns of Quanato and Temoz

And thats not all... recieve your gifts by attcking the huge snowman.

One snowman will appear for each of the following places - Quanato, Temoz, Elkenver, Wolfrek, Vermeden & Fairmode.

He will not attack you, but you cannot attack him alone. Attack as a big group and get showerd with gifts. Remember the snowman is very very strong. And it will take time to attack. But the good side is you may get an item worth more than 2mil wz. :)

... and be a lil patient.

He will spawn again randomly in the map 4 hours after he is killed in that map.

Enjoy and have a happy holiday.