Do you hear this?
There's somebody calling you from the deeps of the dungeons.

What's it saying?

The chiling and horrid beast has awakened again...
forgetting the oath.. and about to go berserk?
Well, there's something abominable going on!
What's the hold up? Let's go quick!

Here we are, deep in to the darkness.
Well, something dreadful is going to happen again, right?

The pact that we made a long time ago with the disciples of Goddess Rabellu,
was about that no one would attack others
as long as no one is hurt.
However, Rabellu has lost what she once was,
and trying to eradicate everyone who sets foot in her territory.

You must find and awaken the noble spirits
to put her deadly disciples to sleep once again.
The document, Ancient Pact in your hand
will just do the trick to awaken them.

  1. Knighthood leader can start the Boss Subjugation Quest
  2. You will require sufficient Knighthood Contribution Points to start the quest
  3. Once the quest has been started, you will have to kill specific bosses in a stipulated amount of time
  4. If you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with special properties on your weapons for a limited amount of time after which you can redo the quest again.
  5. If you fail to complete the quest, there will be a cooldown after which you can reattempt the quest
  6. Completing the quest will give all the Knighthood members special properties on thier weapons. The special properties will be applicable to all of your Knighthood members and will help you in PvP and grant you special advantages. Weapons with these special properties will be emit a Turquoise glow.

Preview of the new cosmetic changes are available with Gmstorm