They're not. At least, not anymore. There was a certain time in Egonihl when entire armies marched to quest against the evil tyranny of Goddess Ruballu. As feudalism came to an end during the later period and the first true nations began to emerge, the peasants began to view mercenaries with great skepticism. These forces they thought were not trustworthy, were usually from different dimensions, and had no clearly defined sense of allegiance; and thus could not be relied upon. It was not unheard of for once side in a conflict to hire a mercenary company, only to have them turn upon them when their enemies offered a better price. Later when they came to know about the truth, mercenaries have enjoyed a resurgence and have offered an alternative to any controversy that could possibly be generated due to substantial military losses and mental problems in veterans upon return home. Let’s build better mercenaries for the generations to join the human forces led by Rubal to take upon the evil forces of Rabellu.

Enjoy mercenary leveling experience 3X from 9.00 PM to 12:00 AM.