• Tower of Event consists of 13 Floors and 7 Towers. Its a Knockout Event.
  • At the Portal Open Time, Portal NPC will appear at Temoz (near Torrbier) and Quanato (near Kaduru).
  • The Portal will be Open for 5 Minutes only. You will need to enter the Tower before the Portal Closes.
  • Once the Portal Closes, the Event will start and the Portal NPC in both the Towns will disappear and you cannot enter the Tower.
  • In the Tower, You cannot see any other player. They will appear Black with Grade 4 Weapons. You cannot use the Chat, Macro and Friend Messaging feature.
  • Freewill, Freedom, Razz skills will be working. The Tower Area will be a Free Player Killing Zone with no Penalties.
  • Mercenaries and Partying is not allowed in the Tower. Equipping your Mercenary in the Tower is not permitted.
  • Once the Portal Closes, Timer will start. You will be Allotted a Time of 5:00 Minutes Per Floor in the Tower. It includes a 10 seconds Ready Time, after which the Creeps will start Spawning.
  • You need to Kill the Creeps in the Map and Acquire Tower Key. It will be a Sparking Item which can be visible clearly when on the Ground.
  • You need Atleast 1 Key to Move to the Next Floor. All the Players having Key at the End of 5 Minutes of Countdown will be moved to the Next Floor.
  • The Players not having Key will be Kicked out of the Tower.
  • If any Creeps are left out in the Tower, the Tower will be suspended and all the Players in the Tower will be kicked.
  • If you fail to get a Key by hunting, you can Player Kill any other player. If the Opposing player dies, all the dying player's keys will be discarded which you can pick. Note that anyone can pick the Discarded key. You need to be quick enough to grab one. Eliminating Competition for grabbing a larger share of the Treasure is Perfectly Acceptable
  • If a Player gets Disconnected or Teleports back to town purposefully buy using Sweet Home or TP Scroll, then all the keys of the Player will drop, which can be picked by other players. Upon Death by Monster, you will drop all the keys and return back to town.
  • The Number of Creeps, Attack and Drops will depend on the Tower Floor. The Higher the floor gets, the Harder it becomes, the number of creeps gets decreasing due to which there will be a shortage of Tower Keys.
  • The Drop rate of the Creeps in the Tower will be more than normal drop rate. If you happen to see a Boss, Don't be caught by surprise. The Higher tower floors will include Bosses too.
  • At the Last 10 Seconds you will get a confirmation message saying that there are only 10 Seconds left to get Teleported to the Next Map. All the Keys you Acquired will be cleared and you need to collect the keys again for the next Floor level.
  • Floor 1-5 [Large Maps], Floor 6-10 [Medium]. Floor 11-13 [Small Size]. The Size of the Floors will vary and it will be difficult to move around and be aggressive in PKing.
  • HP and MP Candies may come Handy. If you Survive until the End of 13th floor, you will be the HERO OF THE TOWER and you can see a Treasure Chest at some location in the floor, which will keep dropping unlimited number of gifts. You can pick as many as you wish, provided you have sufficient inventory spaces.
  • You will get 2 Minutes of time to Pick the Gifts, after which you will be Teleported back to town. Additionally a Global Announcement Message will be sent to all the Players to notify and Congratulate the Players who have conquered the Tower.

Tower Details

Reshutaal Tower - Level 1 to Level 30
Khagic Tower - Level 31 to Level 60
Harumba Tower - Level 61 to Level 90
Najha Tower - Level 91 to Level 120
Khergin Tower - Level 121 to Level 140
Balhein Tower - Level 141 to Level 160
Menassue Tower - Level 161 to Level 165

Event Details

Date: 26th January 2024
Tower Portal Opens: 8:00 PM IST
Tower Portal Closes: 8:05 PM IST

Rules and Regulations

  1. Tower will open automatically and close in 5 minutes. You will have to enter the Tower within the time specified. Once the tower portal closes, the event will start and you will not be able to enter.
  2. If you are kicked out of the tower due to Tower Conditions, get disconnected during the event or fail to enter the tower within the 5 minute duration, event will NOT be restarted under any circumstances. Don't reach out to any guide or gamemaster as they won't be able to help you.
  3. Event is estimated to last over an hour. Please ensure you have sufficient recharge on your account before the event starts
  4. If you have any doubts of questions, please reach out to Guidefury or make a post in the Forums.