Announcing A3's first Quiz Event.

 Winners List

Level Break-up Character Names
Level 10 ~ 30 Cecily, Gksahni, Jaxdude, Deadmanalive, Devils, Abhiboy
Level 31~50 Riddle, Soulcaster, Warriorraja, Coldshiver, Gladiatorm, Sexyevil, Lonely
Level 51~80 Akgunarc, Hyjack, Neutralizer, Dangerholy, Nishita, Belkin, Darksidekill, Tactica, Archaryadron, Sentispider
Level 81~110 Harshaly, Hahajerks, Rrjthemage, Shadowe, Maks, Roxfromhell, Ruthlessrat, Sargey, Zotachi, Mageami, Zangetsu
Level 111~130 Illuminati, Bloodraven, Khamba, Magekt, Eos, Cutedevil, Suru, Vinodin, Zxcasd, Wkdunreal
Level 130+ Alkeshpatel, Ankeetsinha, Warman, Carl
Winners may collect their prizes from 23rd April 2006 onwards.


 How does this event work?

On 19th of April '06, A3 India Team will send an SMS to the lucky a3 players phone with the Quiz Question(s).
(Date changed due to technical problems.)

The SMS will give you instructions on where to send your reply.

[Send answer by typing A3IND <userid> <answer>]
Eg. A3IND testa3 jack


 Who wins?
The first 50 right answers to be recieved will be awarded with In-game Prizes.
 How do i get to be among the lucky players?
All valid mobile phone numbers found in the profile of the users will be considered among the lucky players.

Ensure that the mobile numbers in your profile are updated.
 What do you win?

The prizes given in-game would depend on the highest level character of that account.

Based on which you would win the following.
(Eligibility: Min level of the highest character to be above level 10)

Level Items
10 ~ 30 Elemental jewels - 3 of each
31 ~ 50 Storage box with 2 UJ's
51 ~ 80 Small master stone And 2 Eutuxia
81 ~ 110 Small juego And Holy Grail with a KH card
111 ~ 130 Large Juego And Small juego
130+ 2 Great Neridyars And Peridot or Garnet or Opal