Low on your levels?
New & dont know what to do?
High levelled? Get rewarded for helping?

We have something for all of you this May.

  1. Quick Support - Quick Gifts
  2. Levelling Zones...

Quick Support - Quick Gifts...

All high level players... Level your fellow towners. Grab gifts then and there as soon as you have finshed. No waiting till end of month. No waiting for tournaments...

Meet Guidemax or Guidelulu on weekdays between 10am and 10pm.

Levelling Zones...

Some maps will be blocked for certain levels only. These maps will be used to power level the players.

Levelling zone timings:

  1. 11am to 1pm. (Weekdays)
  2. 5pm to 7pm. (Weekdays)

Click here to find more details on this event

(Please note that the prizes for Quick Support Gift may vary. Check above link for updated prizes)