<Event Closed>

Dear customer,
Welcome to the A3 Give Away event.
We at A3 wish to show you our gratitude for being a part of the A3 Online Community and have a set of A3 goodies to send out to you.

Is this a contest? Do you need to be the best player? Don't worry. Everyone gets something.

What can you get?
We will send you one of the 3 items that would be automatically picked by our system for you.

a. A3 T-shirts
b. A3 Posters
c. A3 Badges

What do you have to do?

A. Log into My Account.

B. Take Part in Survey inside My Account - by clicking My Feedback in left nav of my account page.

C. Most important just make sure you update your profile before you begin answering the questions below.

D. Answer our simple questions below.

E. Wait for the delivery guy to hand you your gift.