Wish you all a Happy Independence Day.
To celebrate this occasion we have 2 specials for you.

Nevia Town War
: Since the opening of Hatrel Fortess which was bravely done so by a group of fearless warriors, there has been a growing unrest about the nationality of Hatrel. There are two towns and only one name can be there. This Independence day, Be there to fight for your team. The Battle for Hatrel will start by 11.00 AM. Fight for your nations pride and you will be rewarded fairly with valuable items.

Players who wish to fight for their town can do go to the battle zone by teleporting to Nevia canyon.

Rumours of Repaka:
Meanwhile there are many rumours that the fallen demon Repaka plots his Revenge deep in the forests of Peushneer. Confirmed sources say he might even launch an attack on Hatrel beyond late noon. Come together at 3.30 PM to defend any attacks against our new stronghold.

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