Kwaon makes one more swipe at the hellmarsh community to choose the best team of fighters to lead his army. Those who participate and win in this tournament will be rewarded heavily. The main factor of victory relies entirely on team effort and coordination .

This Saturday 16th Sep 2006, all daring teams will compete in the arena to choose the best.

You can participate in this tournament under any of the three categories as follows.

1. Character level of team members is between 50 and 79.
2. Character level of team members is between 80 and 109.
3. Character level of team members is between 110 and above.

To participate you need a team of 4 members (inclusive of the leader) which meets the team reuirements specified below.


Each team must have four members only.


The max level of the team ( Sum of levels of all team members ) must not exceed

1. 250 for Category 1
2. 400 for Category 2
3. 500 for Category 3
Team is registered with the A3 Team. Read below for instructions on registering your team.
No Player can play for more than one team.

STEP 1: Contact a Game Guide ( Guidelulu in Quanato or Guidemax in temoz ). You can contact a guide by using whisper chat in-game.

STEP 2: Provide the character names of all the members of your team.

STEP 3: Its mandatory that all team members are present while registering.

All registered teams will be alloted time slots to participate in the preliminary matches.

The slots will be available in the website on 15th sep 2006 8.00 PM onwards. Please follow the time schedule mentioned. If the team is not available at the mentioned time, the team is considered to have forfieted.

Registration closes on 15 Sep 2006 at 6.00 PM. Only Limited teams are allowed. So please Hurry !!!

All participants who pass the first prelim round will be awarded an upgrade jewel each as a token of participation.

Many Mounted items and other goodies to be won !!!

Special Experience event for Night Crawlers!

To help the teams prepare for their matches experience gain from monsters will be increased on Friday between 11.00 PM and 6.00 AM. This is exclusively for the Midnight marauders.

For details on Rules and regulations of the tournament please click here.