Three events loaded with interesting competitions and cool prizes. Read on to know more...


The biggest Knighthood battle of Hellmarsh is bound to take place this weekend.
Register for the event by meeting the nearest guide.
(Guidelulu in Quanato and Guidemax in Temoz)

There will be two battles,

1) Sunday - 1st of Oct 2006 - 11.00 AM
2) Monday - 2nd of Oct 2006 - 11.00 AM

Matches will be announced by GM's. The matches will take place in the arena using the new KH battle mode feature. For rules and regulations click here.

Knighthood leaders can meet the GM's for any clarifications on this event.
The GM's will be available from 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM & 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM on Sunday and Monday.(Please note that no other queries will be entertained)

The top ten teams in this battle will be selected exclusively to test the new Nevia war system.


As we head into Knighthood wars, here is your one time opportunity to go a little higher.

Time: Friday midnight 12.00 am to saturday midnight, the experience gained from monsters will be increased.
( Also includes experience gained by completing quest during this time.)


All the high levelers can sort out their differences, settle scores or just fight it out plainly without losing hard earned experience.

On monday the 2nd of Oct 2006 between 11.00 AM and 5.00 PM there will be no experience loss for PK and of course no parole points too !!!

This will be active only on certain high level maps.

And Players below 30...

Get a surprise gift, Meet the nearest guide and take up the fun quiz and collect on the spot gifts. This event will be active from 30th Sep 2006 to 2nd Oct 2006.