Are you a Master of combat. Do you believe you know the Art of War ...

Take up the Gurus of War PVP Challenge.

Hellmarsh needs you to train the new raw recruits who are still standing in town and exchanging gossips. Hellmarsh needs you to make a fierce warrior from each of them.

Sign up as a Guru by registering with a In-game guide. Registration starts 10th Oct 2006.

Choose 3 low level players as your team. The team members must satisfy the criteria mentioned below.

  1. The highest level character in his/her account should not exceed level 20 as of 11/10/06.
  2. The account must have been created on or after 01/09/06.
Participate in the Gurus of War PVP event with your team and Win exciting prizes.
The Gurus of War PVP event will be held on 28th and 29th of Oct 2006. The team will fight against each other while the Gurus watch. The top performing teams and their Gurus will be rewarded lavishly with Mounted G9's, High grade crafting items such as Grace and more.

If you are unable to find a low leveller, the guides will help you find one.

IMPORTANT : Please click here to read the Rules and regulations for the teams.