Event - Cafe War - Mumbai:
GameZone vs Sandeep communications.

3 rounds of crazy excitment match between Sandeep Communications V/S Gamezone

Winning Cafe: GameZone

Winners: Sexybabee, Blueflame, Killerkk, Vailor, Snehawizzy

A match where initially the Sandeep Communications was on the stronger side was totally overpowered by Gamezone players , Kudos!!

And Hey, the prizes were a Small Jeugo , Opal , Garnet , Peridot to each of the winning players .... Now "Gamezone" is ready for any Open Challenge !

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Cafes: Gnet (Intra Cafe)

Event Type: PVP 4 vs 4

Time: Sunday - 25 Feb 2007, 4.00 PM.

The A3 Private Cafe challenge is an offline PVP event. If you want your cafe to take part in such an event. Send an email to mycafe@a3india.com (Cafe Owners Only)