Event - Cafe War - Mumbai:
Gnet (Intre Cafe)

Gnet players finally got out to the kill , by participating in the Intracafe war .. mind you , all of them have started the game very very recently ! Kudos to the Gnet Winners !!!

Winners: Poojak, Raddy, Yurika, Nishaaaa

Date  :

Details :
It was a 4 Vs 4 , total 2 teams particiapated.

Game jockey Char Name : Empers

Team A: Terrabithea, Ironmade, Arune, Blood_ome
Team B: Poojak, Raddy, Yurika, Nishaaaa

2 Ujs per Character.

Watch the Video
(a quick and noobish video)

A3 Cafe War - Gnet - Mumbai

The A3 Private Cafe challenge is an offline PVP event. If you want your cafe to take part in such an event. Send an email to mycafe@a3india.com (Cafe Owners Only)