Get ready to feel the raw power of Nevia canyon in the all new monster edition. This time around its not just the other town that is at war with you.
monster edition

War Announcement
Date :
30th June 2007
Time : 4pm Onwards

New Entry System: No entry ticket required for entering nevia. A teleporting fee of 10 times the normal cost for travelling to nevia will be collected by the NPC. The fee is collected during reward time also.
Stakes have changed: A whole batallion of monsters defend the battle grounds. These include bosses such as Phameino and Khailash. The war between the towns will take place in the presence of these monsters.
Reward: Winning town gets to hunt the bosses in this map undisturbed for a limited period of time. The drop rates are higher as compared to other maps.

Anything more?
- The Nevia wars will be a regular bimonthly feature. This will be hosted on the second and fourth saturdays of every month.

- This is available to players who are above level 30 only.
- The teams will be based on the towns itself and not on any region, etc.
- Changing town will cost 10000 lore.
- You cannot change town during the war and reward time.