Zeams: Knights of Immortality...

Geramo The evicted Ronin is back to Hellmarsh with
one thing in mind and that is to behead Ranias at her
very own lair. He wants to reform his band of knights,
the Zeams. He is not looking for power, strength or
He is looking for a pure soldier who is dedicated to
protecting his motherland and puts up most of his time
on duty.

He will recruit 12 such men and give them the
power of invincibility to aid them in slaying Ranias.

DATE:10th July 07 to 17th July 07
Battle with Ranias 19th July

12 players will be chosen based on total no of kills
on Geramo between 10th july to 17th july 07

Anybody above level 30 is eligible to be chosen.


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