Dear A3 Gamers,

At the outset, we thank all the players of A3 India for making the game a grand success and as mentioned earlier in our posts we are rolling out subscription services soon. This will enable us to provide you more quality service and monitor regular maintenance activities on the server. On this auspicious Occasion we are happy to announce the following updates :
  • New territories in Heyzend will be revealed, thereby creating a new dimension for exploration with many challenges to encounter.
  • New fun filled Adventures upto Level 163.
  • Lets welcome Christmas eve with a Jingle and New Year with a blast. Its gonna Snow, so get your Shovel ready!
  • Tower of Desire and Thol wars would be held. Battle the odds and be the Choson One.
  • Better Support both in-game (through Guides) and forums too.

Stay Tuned.. And Be Prepared!

Warm Regards,
A3 India Team.