Dear Players,

A3 India has been the heartbeat of many Indian gamers. We feel that "Games going free-to-play from the start can often not handle the volume of players [from a technical standpoint], and adjusting the gameplay and business model based on gamer feedback is undoable when you have good number of players coming in". We have been running this game free of cost from almost half a dozen years and have given our best to develop the game from scratch releasing the new quests, maps and other developments.

Now we have decided to roll out the pay-to-play (monthly subscription services) which will go live on 20th January, 2016. There are quite a few reasons which include maintenance of Game servers, payments towards establishment costs and salaries to the support staff which can never be underestimated and forced us to roll out the pay-to-play system. We feel that we will be able to provide better services and more entertainment in the years to come and will strive our best to keep the Legend of A3 Alive.

We have put together a FAQ to clear your doubts about the subscription services.

Who would need to subscribe to the Game?
Accounts registered prior to May 2009 will need to subscribe even if the highest level character in the account is less than Level 30.
Accounts registered after May 2009 will be provided with 2 months free subscription from the date of registration or till character crosses Level 30 (whichever comes first), after which you will need to subscribe.

What subscription plans are available?
Currently we provide 30 days and 60 days subscriptions.

How are subscriptions activated on an account?
We distribute subscriptions in the form of Recharge Pins which you can purchase from the Service Panel. You can enter the recharge pin that you have purchased in the "Recharge Account" option in the Service Panel to activate a subscription on your account.

Can I use a single subscription pin multiple times?
No, you can only use a subscription pin once for your account. Once the pin expires, you need to purchase a new subscription pin.

How do I purchase subscription pins?
You can purchase subscription pins from the Service Panel.

How are subscription pins delivered after purchase?
Subscription pins are delivered via Email immediately and all your purchased pins will be visible in the "Purchase History" option in the Service Panel.

Can I buy more than one pin and use it later?
Yes. You can buy multiple pins at once and use them in the future when required.

What are the payment modes you support?
We currently support Credit Cards / Debit Cards and Internet Banking for all major banks.

What are the prices for the subscription pins?
You can view the available subscription pins and prices in the Service Panel under "Buy Recharge" option.

I currently have a Test Pin Active on my account. Will it still work?
All Free Test Recharge 14 days pins will be deactivated on 20th January 2016 and you will be required to purchase a subscription to continue playing.

Do you support any alternate forms of payment?
You can contact or message Guidefury for assistance on alternate payment modes.

You could purchase a subscription starting today so that you can continue un-interrupted gameplay from 20th January 2016. If you are facing any issues with payments or purchases, you can contact "Guidefury" ingame and she would be happy to assist you with the process.

A3 India Team.