Rebellu has unleashed her wrath upon Hellmarsh once again. The wrath of the Goddess has paid a toll on the deaths of the brave warriors. This is the time when brave warriors are expected to stay strong and battle all the odds to emerge as the chosen one.

If your character is currently having Negative Experience, you will deal less damage to other players, but in-turn take more damage. The damage difference depends on how much negative experience you posses. These penalties apply only when player killing and doesn't apply in the Arena.

Negative Percentage Damage Dealt Damage Taken
-0% ~ -50% 85% 125%
-51% ~ -100% 60% 150%
-101% ~ -150% 30% 200%
-151% ~ 0% 300%

Fredda in Hatrel is kind enough to help you with recovering your Negative Experience. Be sure to drop her a donation for the favor.

Toscique 4th Floor is finally active and an awesome surprise awaits. Find it out yourself.

The restrictions on Clarb 3rd Floor have been removed and this area can be accessed by players of all levels.

Quests in Clororence have been restored to their original level requirement. This would affect the quest availability for certain characters. Please contact Guidefury for advice on what quest suits you the best.