Major Updates

As a part of the subscription system, we would be performing major updates to the game every 3 months. Updates will be in the form of new features, events and gameplay changes which would be rolled out after adequate testing.

Regular Events

We will be conducting regular events and contests. The schedule for the events and contests will be made public in the form of an Event Calendar for each month containing the list of all the events and contests that are to be conducted along with their date and time. The Event Calendar will be posted in the first week of each month under the Events section of the website.

Offline Recharges

We are planning to facilitate offline recharge facility for players without Credit/Debit Cards or Internet Banking. If you are interested to become a reseller for A3 India Subscription pins in your city, please contact Guidefury on how you can register yourself.

Ingame Assistance

Guidefury will be online 24x7 to assist you with any in-game issues or questions that you may have. Please observe the following points while interacting withe Guidefury.
1. Guidefury can understand Hindi. Feel free to speak in Hindi if you are not so comfortable with English.
2. Guidefury is always receiving your messages and could reply to you at a later time based on her convenience. Please avoid sending "You there?", "U there?", "Are you online?" messages and instead type your actual issue or question so that she can directly answer your question. Don't worry. Your message is never lost.
3. Always keep your Whisper option enabled while interacting with Guidefury.
4. Guidefury will not respond to you over General or Public Shouts.
5. Guidefury is for Ingame assistance only. She will not be able to assist you with Support or Account related issues.
6. Guidefury is always there to help. Please avoid being rude to her.

Support Issues

We are actively pursuing your Emails inorder to serve you better and resolve your issues at the earlist. We would be handling support issues based on 3 categories.
Renewal / Subscription Issues
Resolution of these kind of issues will be done on priority basis.
Account Hack Issues
In case of an Account Hack, you are required to immediately mail to Once you have sent a mail to the support, please report the hack incident to Guidefury so that she can spread awareness about the character hack in the game. Account Hack issues are subject to hack investigation and item recovery and hence could take longer to complete.
Old Account Recovery
Old Account Recovery is a complicated procedure which involves migrating of character and account related data from old archives and verifying the characters. This could take longer than expected. However, account recovery is a one time process and hence we expect your co-operation in this regard.

Player Grievance

We are always trying our best to deliver you the best gaming experience in India. If you have any reason for grievance, please make a post in the Forums to voice your opinion on behalf of the gamer community. You will surely consider your feedback.

With best regards,
A3 India Team.