Remember the old CRT screens you used to play A3 India?
Remember those congested and slow net cafes across the road?
Remember those late night leveling and bossing parties?
Remember the player who used to mercilessly PK you?
Remember your first knighthood?
Remember your first unique drop?
Remember those friends who were your war backup?
Remember that friend who never had a character of his/her own?
Remember the best friend of yours who back-stabbed you?
Remember the pain of getting hacked by a keylogger and the happiness when your character got retrieved?
Remember hunting on the Disco in Selvarb Ground Floor?
Remember hunting in Taoudruimos main spot?
Remember hunting in Carode and Clarb Ground Floor?
Remember the Mage and Holy Knight couple who used to clear all the Hatrel bosses?
Remember the player who always used to abuse in the Game?
Remember the character who always used to ask for leveling party or items?
Remember bunking classes and going to the net cafe to play A3?
Remember Sify gamedrome recharges?
Remember Guidemax and Guidelulu?
Remember Enchanters/Maestros and their imposters?

All these years, we have gathered a lot of sweet memories associated with the game and it's time to cherish them. Let's re-live those moments. Invite your old friends to A3 India and bring back those old days and memories once again.

A3 India will be free to play from 23rd December 2016 to 1st January 2017. You can share your A3 Memories here. Best entry will win a Grace of Silbadu!

Come, let's have fun!

Best wishes,
A3 India Team.