Dear Players,

It has come to our attention that many players are using Third Party Softwares to login multiple characters on the same PC. Although we don't restrict multiple logins from the same machine, please note that the A3 Client is not designed to run multiple instances on the same PC. The A3 Client is fine-tuned to utilize your hardware to the maximum extent and provide smooth gameplay and reduced input lag. Running multiple instances of the A3 Client will result in performance issues which will affect the gameplay to a large extent due to PC resources starvation.

If you are running multiple clients on the same machine, please be advised that A3 India will not accept any responsibility for the issues that may arise from this misuse of the client. We are not responsible for issues like lag, game stutter, client freezes, client crashes, latency issues and frame rate drops. If you are found to run multiple clients on the same machine, we will disregard any complaints from your end involving the aforementioned issues. Also, please note that modification of the A3 Client in any way is a violation of ROC and will result in a Permanent Account Ban.

If you have any questions, feel free to whisper to Guidefury in the game or mail to

A3 India Team.