Dear Players,

Inorder to enhance the game experience we have made changes to certain quests and added new quests. Few of these quests will only be available for certain players based on their NPC favor.

Click on the quest title to show more details about the quest.
Quest ID Quest Name
737 Worshipers of Khainen
1601 Gonna make me medicine?
1602 Can she make medicine of great virtue indeed?
1603 The heart of a tree this time?
1604 It's a Stone Heart. Four of them!
1605 It's the Stone Heart. As many as eight.
1606 All the materials are prepared, and now only the pot is left.
1607 She asks for a pot.
1608 She wants me to boast about it to Elpuron.
1609 First, get the pot.
1610 Bring an Ewealla's head?
1611 Visit Greybone's room?
1612 She wants me to bring the heart from Khainen's room.
1629 For the homeless
1630 The Arena needs supplies
1737 Worshipers of Khainen

Please note that inorder to perform these quests, you have to perform a Full Check from A3 Game Launcher to receive the updated game files. For further assistance pertaining to these quests, please contact Guidefury ingame.