Dear Players,

As you might have noticed, we have upgraded the Website and Service panel to incorporate several changes. We have been constantly making changes to the website from the past few weeks based on several user acceptance tests and we have finally phased the website from beta to stable. Please find the list of all the changes below.

  1. Improved performance and page load times by upto 40%.
  2. Optimized the layout to be mobile friendly.
  3. Improved registration and profile page with faster error validation.
  4. Account Activity in Service Panel is now much more descriptive and provides last login location accurate to a particular city as well as the ISP used to login to the account.
  5. Added the ability to quickly recharge an available recharge pin from the Recharge History without having to manually enter the recharge pin.
  6. Recharge page now supports copy pasting the recharge pin and auto-formatting.
  7. Purchasing of recharge pins will be much faster and will not involve redirection of page, thereby preventing timeouts.
  8. Service Panel displays an account avatar which can be customized from the Forums.
  9. Optimized the webpages to be shared on Social Media and supports proper social formatting.

We are constantly making changes to the website and we would love to hear your feedback. You could provide us your inputs through the Community Forum or by sending a message to Guidefury ingame.

A3 India Team.