The fight against Rabellu has been strong after Geramo and other Adventurers have risen up against her oppression! Rubal roaming every land to find way to directly confront her, however he found that many warriors were undertrained. He found in his travels a curse, which allowed people affected to go berserk. Entering a state when their emotions are dulled making them into killing machines. Rubal unleases this curse among the people of interest daily in hopes of finding a Warrior who could battle against Rabellu and her minions. Warriors affected by this curse wont gain any parole allowing them to trade with the vendors!

Aura Power Play will be active daily from 10:00 PM IST to 12:00 AM IST and would affect Aura (Level 161-165) players only. When Aura power play is active, the following changes will be applicable.

  1. Pre-emptive attacks will not be penalized when attacking another Aura player.
  2. You could use skills like Freewill, Freedom and Razbadge directly on Aura players.
  3. You will not receive parole when killing another Aura player.
  4. Standard EXP loss penalty will apply if you die from a player kill.
  5. If you are attacked or attack a non-aura player, standard PK restrictions will apply.

An indicator as depicted above will be active when Aura Power play effects are applicable. Aura Power play will be active in all maps.