We have launched a new version of the A3 India Client version The new client is currently live and is available in our downloads page.

This new client release includes a Windows installer which will automate the process of installing and uninstalling the client. Few players had issues with their Antivirus softwares deleting the installer due to a false positive detection. The game updater downloads game files from the A3 India update server, which is typically how trojan downloaders work. This is the reason why few antivirus softwares are mistakenly deleting the A3 Installer treating it as a trojan.

Please bear in mind that when uninstalling the client, all the data files will be deleted except for the Screenshots and Emblem folder.

The new version of the client will require .NET framework 3.5 or higher only for Windows 7 and below. Windows 10 doesn't require any dependencies and the client will run directly without installing .NET framework.

If you already have an existing A3 India client installation, please provide the install location same as the location of the existing client so that the existing client will get automatically upgraded without having to download all of the client files again.

If you are facing issues with downloading or installing the client, please reach us at [email protected] or make a Forum post.