The most awaited game updates have finally been launched. They are available from 10th June 2018 and would require installing the new client that has been launched. Please find the full Update Changelog below.

  1. New Items Sus and Asus have been launched which would be available from Sprakki. Alternatively, you can also get these items as a quest reward from Quests 608, 612, 1608 and 1612.
  2. Sus
  3. Fixed quest requirement for 603 and 1603 quests.
  4. Fixed remains quest item drop for 611 and 1611 quests.
  5. Fixed NPC conversation interaction issues for 605 and 1605 quests.
  6. Clororence, Hatrel and Heyzend have been segregated into 3 zones to balance out the load issues. Hence a direct teleport from Heyzend to Clororence has been removed and a teleport to Clororence has to be made from Hatrel itself.
  7. Items in a Personal Shop cannot be sold or bought if the selling or buying price is equal to 4,000,000,000 WZ (4 Billion Woonz).
  8. Player killing has been enabled in all maps except for Temoz and Quanato.
  9. Renamed HP and MP Candies for better identification of these items when placed in a Storage Box.
  10. Slimmed down the client for performance. Remove extra skills which are not implemented yet.
  11. Improved the accuracy of the in-game Latency indicator.
  12. Implemented better connectivity loss detection algorithms to disconnect the player immediately after connection loss.
Fortifier Support

Fortifier icons have been modified to better differentiate between types of Fortifiers.

  • Fortifiers with Blue border -> Potions used by Player.
  • Fortifiers with Green border -> Special properties inflicted on the player which cannot be dispelled.
  • Fortifiers with Red border -> Debuffs on the player as a result of boss skills.